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How to Get Rid of Moths In the House – Including the Closets and Pantries

When people imagine a moth they usually picture a small white insect that is known for eating fabric. In reality, there are actually many different kinds of moths, some are small like the common house moth while others can be as big as a small bird. When dealing with moths in their house, however, most people are really dealing with common fabric or pantry moths. Even though they aren’t particularly dangerous, moths can damage clothing and lay eggs in stored food so it’s a good to know how to get rid of moths in house closets and pantries.

Moths are fairly common and it’s pretty easy to get one in your house. Since they are so attracted to artificial light, moths will often swoop in through an open door or window. Once they get in they will set to work destroying clothing and linens and will lay eggs in your pantry. The first step in knowing how to get rid of moths in house closets or pantries is to identify which type of moth you’re dealing with. The truth is that there are two common types of moths that people find in their house, one is the well known fabric moth and the other will be attracted to dry foods.

Knowing how to get rid of moths in house pantries and closets is relatively easy. Some people will think that only an exterminator will really know how to get rid of moths in house areas but there isn’t much an exterminator can do besides charging you money. Eliminating your moth problem is simply a matter of laying a few traps. Instead of wasting money on store bought products that claim to know how to get rid of moths in house areas you should use professional pest products from websites such as Pestmall.com.

These traps are easy to set up and can really help you with your problem of how to get rid of moths in house closets and pantries. You should place these traps in problem areas and check them regularly. Moths can really be quite a nuisance but learning how to get rid of moths in house areas is actually pretty easy. Instead of wasting money on an exterminator or store brand products you should use professional grade traps. With the right products and a little patience you can know how to get rid of moths in house closets, pantries, kitchens and attics like a professional.

House Moths: FAQs

Do you see moths in house or around your property every so often? Beware. You might have a house moth problem. The thing is, house moths do not do social visits. If they are out and about in your home, they most probably found a reason to be. As simple as that. With that settled, if you suspect you are having an infestation of some kind, you need to know a bit about house moths. You don’t want to be caught unaware, do you?

How do you determine whether or not you have house moths in your home?

Apart from the fact that house moths are not exactly inconspicuous, there are a number of things that you can watch out for, to know whether or not your home got itself a few intruders, so to speak. If you have a moth problem, you will undoubtedly notice damages to your carpets, particular under your pieces of furniture that are hardly moved. Perhaps once in every blue moon or so.

Why do you land moths in your home?

According to the University of Washington, moths like living in cracks so if your home is full of these things, house moths will undoubtedly be drawn to your dwelling. To make sure you don’t land yourself a house moth infestation, you need to fill any crack you might entertain in your home. The lighting in your home is yet another consideration. Because house moths love living in the dark, a house that is not well lit is something of a bonus for the pests. Last but not least, there are some types of house moths that essentially feed on flower nectar. If you live in an area you know is infested with house moths, you might want to dispose of the potted flowering plants in your home or you will have little unwanted visitors around your home.

If you have a house moth problem, what do you do?

As soon as you suspect an infestation, you need to act and fast. For starters, house moths thrive in dark and dirty places so if you don’t want them getting more comfy than they already are, you need to clean your home and thoroughly. You might want to first of all clean and vacuum under all your furniture. You will also need to seek the help of some selected chemicals. Because house moths are terrible pests that see thousands of people harassed every year, you will need an insecticide to treat your home. It is best recommended to use a water-based, wet-spray insecticide as compared to granules and that kind of thing due to the biology depicted by house moths in general.

Are there any specific treatment considerations?

Before acting on “how to get rid of moths in the house”, you will need to clean it. No pest control is possible without you actually keeping your home clean for starters. If you have a house moth infestation, you will need to vacuum your entire home thoroughly prior to treating it for the simple reason that after the treatment, you will not be able to undertake any form of cleaning for at the very least 10 days. This is absolutely essential if you want the treatment to work.